Our school attendance over the last year has been sitting at 95.3% which is well below the national average of over 97%. At Ormiston Meadow Primary Academy we believe promoting excellent school attendance is the responsibility of the whole school community. Within school we promote good attendance through creative approaches to the curriculum. This includes topics of high interest, consistently good+ teaching, a wide range of exciting learning resources and stimulating learning environments.

We all have a legal responsibility to ensure every child is in School every day and on time. The law states every child must receive a full-time education. Section 444 (1a) of the Education Act 1996 says; ‘If a child of compulsory school age, who is a registered pupil at the school, fails to attend regularly, without reasonable justification, then his/her parent is guilty of an offence and can be prosecuted.”
There is an expectation that over the course of a year (190 days) a child’s attendance will be at least 97%. Absence which falls below 90% is categorised by the government as persistent absence. For a child to fall below the 97% target this autumn term they would have missed 4 days of lessons.
All parents have the responsibility to ensure that their child attends school for the whole academic year by making medical routines out of school time (wherever possible), avoid booking holidays during term time and avoid encouraging their child to stay at home for reason which are judged to be unjustifiable by school.Request for ‘Leave of Absence’ during term time. Since September 2013 the Head teacher may only authorise leave for ‘exceptional’ circumstances. If a child goes on holiday during term time without the permission of the Head teacher this will be marked as an unauthorised absence and this may result in a penalty notice of £60 per parent per child being issued. A penalty notice can also be issued if a child misses a total of 5 days of school (not necessarily as 5 consecutive days) which are deemed to be unauthorised.


Penalty Notice for persistent absence
Parents whose child is repeatedly absent will now only receive one warning notice period about a need for an improvement in attendance. If the attendance doesn’t improve or deteriorates again then no formal warning notice will be issued and we will automatically consider other statutory actions.
Mis-reporting ‘Sick Leave’
Where strong evidence exists that the reporting of ‘sick leave’ is not genuine, Fixed Notice procedures will be imposed. Evidence could include: Social Media, Non-contact with school, school are unable to contact parents/carers, children reporting a holiday or other circumstances and children reporting non-illness.
Medical Appointments

If your child is attending a medical appointment you must produce an appointment card/letter or similar paperwork prior to the appointment. On the day of the appointment your child must still attend school around the appointment.


Only ‘Together we can make Difference’


For more information please read our attendance policy.