Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Home Learning 

Daily learning tasks will be issued via the Marvellous Me app. Please see below for any addition tasks or resources set by your child’s class teacher.

How to access Marvellous Me.

Home Learning packs letter

Task board boredom buster

Please see below for a sample timetable which you might like to use as an example for planning a home learning day  Year 6 timetable

Friday 3rd April

Good morning – the Maths meeting this morning is TT Rockstars or a maths online game for 20 minutes.

area of a triangle 3 lesson

Area of a triangle 3

The English work has two question options today – please see the Marvellous Me message from Miss Westhoff as to which option you should be completing.

Year 6 North America Reading Comprehension

Year 6 Biomes of North America EASIER

Year 6 Biomes of North America – HARDER questions

Thursday 2nd April


Task 3

Task 4

End of topic test – evolution

area of a triangle 2

Area of a Triangle (2)

Arithmetic Test 9 Y6 Spring term (1)

English secret letter (session 12)


Great Grammar hunt answer sheet

Great Grammar answers

PE activity from Mrs Davis:

  • Create your own obstacle course either in the garden/outdoor space or even indoors.
  • Can you travel over, under, around and through the obstacles?
  • Challenge someone at home to run the course. Time it. Try again. How fast can each of you complete the course?

Remember to High 5 back. Have fun.

Wednesday 1st April

maths meeting

Maths area of a triangle (right angle and counting squares)

area of a triangle 1 and 2

YR 6 maths Day 3

English near misses


Tuesday 31st March

Music from Mrs McEwan

Year 6 Music Wk2

Bonjour! Work from Madame Elliot below:

Year 6 French 31.03.20

Maths from Miss Westhoff – for the maths meeting this morning please complete times tables rockstar for 15-20 minutes.

dividing fractions

Now complete this worksheet,pick the emoji face they feel about dividing fractions and complete the questions. YR 6 dividing-fractions-differentiated-worksheet (1)

PE with Mrs  Davis:

If you haven’t already-check out P.E with Joe Wicks on You tube.A daily 30 minutes P.E session for children LIVE at 9 am (Monday to Friday), or catch it later in the day.

Don’t forget to do the Daily Mile. Keep moving – walk around the garden/ outdoor space or indoors for 15 minutes.

Remember to high 5 back. Have fun!

Monday 30th March

YR 6 Maths 30.03.20

Y6-multiplying-fractions-investigation 30.03.20

YR 6 Multiplying-fractionsv30.03.20

YR 6 multiplying fractions 30.03.20 part 2

YR 6 Deal-or-No-Deal

YR 6 English session 10

Power of Reading

YR 6 Power of Reading task

YR 6 Topic jellyfish

Friday 27th March

Good morning, Miss Westhoff would like you to follow this link and complete lessons 1 and 2 for maths!

Today Miss Westhoff has set a reading comprehension task for English – please see the message on Marvellous Me and complete the appropriate level task below.

Year 6 English – A letter to Lord Major – Easy

YR 6 English – A letter to Lord Major (1) medium

Year 6 English – A letter to Lord Major hard

Thursday 26th March

Good morning, today Miss Westhoff has set different Maths challenges depending on which group you are in. Please see the individual message you have been sent via Marvellous Me to check which one you should be completing.

YR 6 fossil description lesson 126.03.20

YR 6 Read response 26.03.20

Arithmetic Test 8 Y6 Spring term (1) 26.03.20

Year-6-Maths Spring-Block-5-Step-1-RPS-Shapes-Same-Area

Year-6-Maths Spring-Block-5-Step-1-VF-Shapes-Same-Area

YR 6 maths challenge Day 2 26.03.20

YR 6 maths Shapes-Same-Area 26.03.20

YR 6 SPAG meeting 26.03.20

YR 6 Mini-SPAG-test-1-answers 26.03.20

YR6 Session 9 26.03.20

YR 6Story board template (Session 9) 26.03.20

Good morning – Mrs Davis has set the following PE challenge for today:

P.E Lesson 2

  • Challenge someone at home to a balance contest. Who can stand on their left leg then right leg the longest? How did you do? Try again and again. Can you beat your time?
  • How many other balance positions can you do?
  • Who came up with the most interesting balance?
  • Remember to high 5 back. Have fun.

Wednesday 25th March

YR 6 long division 25.03.20

YR 6 long division questions 25.03.20

YR 6 maths challenge Day 1

YR 6 SPAG meeting 25.03.20

YR 6 Gadget grid session 8 25.03.20

YR 6 Session 8 25.03.20

YR 6 Read response 25.03.20

YR 6 Leaf Art Lesson (1)

Tuesday 24th March

Bonjour from Madame Elliott! Please see below for this weeks French task:

Year 6 French 24.3.20

PE from Mrs Davis:

P.E Lesson 1

  • Stay fit and active. Check out P.E with Joe (Joe Wicks-The body coach) on You Tube. A daily 30 minutes P.E session for children LIVE at 9 am (Monday to Friday).
  • Don’t forget to do the Daily Mile. Keep moving – walk around the garden/ outdoor space or indoors for 15 minutes.
  • Remember to high 5 back. Have fun!

English from Miss Westhoff:

YR 6 English Session 7 presentation

YR 6 English Role on the wall and secret letter (session7)

YR 6 SPAG meeting 24.03.20

Maths from Miss Westhoff:

Maths subtraction mixed numbers ANSWERS for 23.03.20


Monday 23.03.20

Work has been sent home via the Marvellous Me App, copies are attached below.

Year 6 How-fossils-are-made

Year 6 fossil stages mixed up order

Year 6 read response 23.03.20

YR 6 work from Mrs Giddens 23.03.20

YR 6 Prepositions 23.03.20

YR 6 Debate (session 6) 23.03.20

YR 6 Session 6 v2 23.03.20

YR 6 maths meeting 23.03.20

YR 6 subtract mixed numbers powerpoint 23.03.20

YR 6 worksheet subtraction mixed numbers 23.03.20

Mrs Giddens Extra Maths 230320



Our Cornerstones Topic is:- Frozen kingdom

Class book:- Shackleton’s journey

Class Teacher: Miss Westhoff       Teaching Assistant: Mrs Parmar, Mrs Ridlington and Mrs Giddens


School Council Representatives: Head Boy – Filip  ; Head Girl – Laila

Deputy Head Boy –  Tate    ; Deputy Head Girl – Lexie


P.E : Please bring PE kit into school every Monday ready for use during the week


Thank you to the Science department at Ormiston Bushfield Academy for hosting our class today. We got hands on with a dissection lesson.

SAT’s  11th – 14th May 2020

At the end of Year 6, children will sit tests in:

  • Reading
  • Maths
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar

Please encourage your child to use the English and Maths revision guides provided by our school.

YR 6 Parents SATs evening 15.10.18

SATs information evening Maths resources

Sample tests are available from the following website:

KS2 SAT’s tests

Monday 11th  May
  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 1: questions
  • English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 2: spelling
Tuesday 12th May
  • English reading
Wednesday 13th May
  • Mathematics Paper 1: arithmetic
  • Mathematics Paper 2: reasoning
Thursday 14th May
  • Mathematics Paper 3: reasoning