Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Home Learning 

Daily learning tasks will be issued via the Marvellous Me app. Please see below for any addition tasks or resources set by your child’s class teacher.

How to access Marvellous Me.

Home Learning packs letter

Task board boredom buster

Friday 3rd April

Easter Craft

Miss Philipson Power point 3.4.20

Miss Philipson Test1 3.4.20

Miss Philipson Test 1 3.4.20 answers

Miss Pilipson Test 2 3.4.20

Miss Philipson Test 2 3.4.20 answers

Miss Philipson group H

Friday Maths 03.04.20

Friday English 03.04.20

Friday- Afternoon 03.04.20

Thursday 2nd April

Reading week 1

Reading Week One Answers

Thursday Maths 02.04.20

Thursday English 02.04.20

Thursday Answers

Thursday Afternoon RE 02.04.20

PE activity from Mrs Davis:

  • Create your own obstacle course either in the garden/outdoor space or even indoors.
  • Can you travel over, under, around and through the obstacles?
  • Challenge someone at home to run the course. Time it. Try again. How fast can each of you complete the course?

Remember to High 5 back. Have fun.

Work from Miss Philipson:

Miss Philipson group reading therapy

Miss Philipson group – test 1

Miss Philipson group test 2

Miss Philipson group test answers

Wednesday 1st April

Wednesday Maths 01.04.20

01.04.20 Maths Answers (1)

Wednesday English 01.04.20

Wednesday Afternoon Art 01.04.20

Tuesday 31st March

Music from Mrs McEwan

Year 5 Music Wk2

Bonjour! Work from Madame Elliot below:

Year 5 French 31.3.20

Tuesday Maths 31.03.20 (1)

PE with Mrs  Davis:

If you haven’t already-check out P.E with Joe Wicks on You tube.A daily 30 minutes P.E session for children LIVE at 9 am (Monday to Friday), or catch it later in the day.

Don’t forget to do the Daily Mile. Keep moving – walk around the garden/ outdoor space or indoors for 15 minutes.

Remember to high 5 back. Have fun!

Monday 30th March

YR 5 Monday Maths 30.03.20.

YR 5 Monday English 30.03.20

YR 5 Monday Afternoon Science 30.03.20

YR 5 Monday Maths Answers 30.03.20

Friday 27th March

Miss Philipson Year 5-6 Reading extract and questions – My Shadow with answers

YR 5 Friday Maths 27.03.20

YR 5 Friday English 27.03.20

YR 5 Friday Afternoon Science 27.03.20

Thursday 26th March

YR 5 Thursday Reading Answers 26.03.20

YR Thursday Maths Answers 26.03.20

Miss Philipson au Activity Sheet

YR 5 English- Miss Philipsons group 26.03.20

YR 5 English Test 1 Miss Philipson group 26.03.20

YR 5 Test 2 Miss Philipson group 26.03.20

YR 5 Thursday Maths 26.03.20

YR 5 Thursday English 26.03.20

YR 5 Thursday Afternoon Science 26.03.20

Good morning – Mrs Davis has set the following PE challenge for today:

P.E Lesson 2

  • Challenge someone at home to a balance contest. Who can stand on their left leg then right leg the longest? How did you do? Try again and again. Can you beat your time?
  • How many other balance positions can you do?
  • Who came up with the most interesting balance?
  • Remember to high 5 back. Have fun.


Wednesday 25th March

YR 5 Wednesday English 25.03.20 (1)

YR 5 Wednesday Maths 25.03.20

YR 5 Wednesday Afternoon Art 25.03.20

YR 5 Wednesday Maths Answers

YR 5 Miss Philipson’s group – Test 1 25.03.20

Miss Philipson’s Group Y4 R2c. Can read and understand the meaning of words with prefixes from the Year 3_4 curriculum

Miss Philipson’s group Test 2 25.03.20

YR 5 Tuesday Maths Answers

YR 5 Reading- Extra Work Answers


Tuesday 24th March

Bonjour from Madame Elliott! Please see below for this weeks French task:

Year 5 French 24.3.20

Today’s Maths from Miss Bird

YR 5 Tuesday Maths 24.03.20

PE from Mrs Davis:

P.E Lesson 1

  • Stay fit and active. Check out P.E with Joe (Joe Wicks-The body coach) on You Tube. A daily 30 minutes P.E session for children LIVE at 9 am (Monday to Friday).
  • Don’t forget to do the Daily Mile. Keep moving – walk around the garden/ outdoor space or indoors for 15 minutes.
  • Remember to high 5 back. Have fun!

English from Miss Bird:

Clockwork Book Pages 26-41


Monday 23rd March – 

Work has been issued via Marvellous Me, please see below for copies.

Year 5 Monday Maths 23.03.20 (3)

YR 5 Maths answers 23.03.20

YR 5 Weekly Arithmetic Answers (1)

Year 5 Monday English 23.03.20 (2)

Year 5 Monday Afternoon RE 23.03.20 (1)

YR 5 Topic- Monday 23.03.20


Our Cornerstones Topic is : Star gazers

Class book:- Cosmic

Class Teacher: Miss Bird      Teaching Assistant: Miss Philipson


School Council Representatives: Harry and Paige

P.E : Please bring PE kit into school every Monday ready for use during the week



Curriculum Map

Year 5 Curriculum Map 2018 – 19

Year 5 Maths overview



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