Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Home Learning 

Daily learning tasks will be issued via the Marvellous Me app. Please see below for any addition tasks or resources set by your child’s class teacher.

How to access Marvellous Me.

Home Learning packs letter

Task board boredom buster

Please see below for a sample timetable which you might like to use as an example for planning a home learning day year 4 timetable Spring 2 2020 (2)

Friday 3rd April

Maths Answers


Easter joke matching activity



Thursday 2nd April

# Lesson Presentation Mountain Climates

Activity Sheet Mountain Weather

Maths 1


Easter Maths (1)

SPaG (5)

The Easter story

Group work for R and W Multiplication wheel

Group work for R and W Easter Story

PE activity from Mrs Davis:

  • Create your own obstacle course either in the garden/outdoor space or even indoors.
  • Can you travel over, under, around and through the obstacles?
  • Challenge someone at home to run the course. Time it. Try again. How fast can each of you complete the course?

Remember to High 5 back. Have fun.

Wednesday 1st April

Whole class activity from Mrs Russell:

Watch this 4 minute clip about mindset as I know you all love video clips

What does it mean to GROW? What kinds of things grow? Think about the things around you that grow and either write them down or draw of picture of them.

Don’t forget to email them back to me & Mrs Young at YR4@OMGP.CO.UK as we would love to see your work.

Maths (1)

Maths 2


SPaG (4)

Tilly And The Time Machine Chapter One Extract v2

Tilly comprehension

Bonjour! French from Madame Elliott:

Year 4 French 01.04.20

Music from Mrs McEwan:

Year 4 Music Wk2 (2)


PE from Mrs Davis

If you haven’t already-check out P.E with Joe Wicks on You tube.A daily 30 minutes P.E session for children LIVE at 9 am (Monday to Friday), or catch it later in the day.

Don’t forget to do the Daily Mile. Keep moving – walk around the garden/ outdoor space or indoors for 15 minutes.

Remember to high 5 back. Have fun!

Tuesday 31st March

SPaG (3)



YR 4 Maths

Year 4 Arithmetic Test 7


Geometric Patterns – Drawing 5 Overlapping Circles

How to draw a repeating geometric pattern


Monday 30th March

Miss Russell has set a Mindfulness task for the whole class to try:

“Everyone in the world has a way of perceiving things. We call this a mindset. You have a mindset, your friends have a mindset, and your teacher has a mindset. We can choose to look at the world in a way that makes us feel strong and happy, or in a way that makes us feel frustrated and weak.

People with a growth mindset know they can get better by working hard. They keep trying even when things are tough and they say things such as, ‘I can’t do this…yet’ or ‘Mistakes help me learn.’People with a fixed mindset feel differently as if they are stuck with the way things are. A fixed mindset can happen to anyone at some time or another but it’s important we choose to have a growth mindset, keep trying, and stick with challenges.”

Reading task from Miss Russell:

Listen to the David Walliams audio either live on his website at 11am or search on soundcloud or YouTube for them.
Read your book for 10 minutes with an adult or family member and don’t forget to write it in your reading record.
Miss Russell’s Group work:
Miss Russell group

YR 4 Maths Meeting 30.03.20

YR 4 SPaG 30.03.20

YR 4 Spellings 30.03.20

YR 4 Heavenly-Hot-Cross-BunsGuided-Reading-Pack (1)

Year 4 Science 30.03.20


Friday 27th March

Good morning – Mrs Russell has set the following whole class activities for today:

Reading (whole class)
read 10 minutes of book or
listen to David Walliams Audio live on his website at 11am each weekday.
Alternative you can click on this link to Grubby Gertrude ( approx 20 mins)
Mindfulness & kindness: (whole class)
How did you get on with this weeks challenge I sent out to you all on Monday to think of the things in your life  you are grateful for. You can send them to me if you want to at
Either try to do daily mile when having you once a day walk out with family remembering to keep your 2 metre distance from others who are out or undertake PE with Joe Wicks which Mrs Young and I did yesterday morning.

Work from Mrs Russell – group 1

YR 4 Lesson-2 Spring-Block-4-WO7-Hundredths-2019

YR 4 Times table games

YR 4 SPaG (1) 27.03.20

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling Words Activity Mat Pack 1

YR 4 Water Cycle Game Home Learning Task

Thursday 26th March

YR 4 the-five-pillars-of-islam

YR 4 5-Pillars-of-Islam 26.03.20

YR 4 The Five Pillars Information Cards 26.03.20

YR 4 2 to 12 Times Table Multiplication and Division

YR 4 Maths Horizontal – Divide 1 or 2-Digits by 100

YR 4 Maths 26.03.20

YR 4 SPaG 26.03.20

YR 4 SpaG activities

YR 4 Poetry Revision Mat 26.03.20

Please follow this link for additional maths home learning activities

Good morning – Mrs Davis has set the following PE challenge for today:

P.E Lesson 2

  • Challenge someone at home to a balance contest. Who can stand on their left leg then right leg the longest? How did you do? Try again and again. Can you beat your time?
  • How many other balance positions can you do?
  • Who came up with the most interesting balance?
  • Remember to high 5 back. Have fun.


Wednesday 25th March

Good morning – Mrs Davis has set the following PE challenges for today

P.E Lesson 1

  • Stay fit and active. Check out P.E with Joe (Joe Wicks-The body coach) on You tube.A daily 30 minutes P.E session for children LIVE at 9am (Monday to Friday).
  • Don’t forget to do the Daily Mile. Keep moving – walk around the garden/ outdoor space or indoors for 15minutes.
  • Remember to high 5 back. Have fun.

Work from Mrs Russell

Tuesday 24th March

Bonjour from Madame Elliott! Please see below for this weeks French task:

Year 4 French 25.3.20


Our Cornerstones Topics is:- Playlist

Class book:- Poems to perform


Class Teacher: Mrs Young                           Teaching Assistant: Mrs Russell


School Council Representatives:Holly and Alfie

P.E : Please bring PE kit into school every Monday ready for use during the week