Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Home Learning 

Daily learning tasks will be issued via the Marvellous Me app. Please see below for any addition tasks or resources set by your child’s class teacher.

How to access Marvellous Me.

Home Learning packs letter

Task board boredom buster

Home Learning ideas – please see this letter for further home learning ideas: Home Learning packs letter 

You can also visit The Oak Online Academy  or BBC Bitesize for further resources and ideas

Please see below for a sample timetable which you might like to use as an example for planning a home learning day year 4 timetable Spring 2 2020 (2)

Thursday 16th July

Y4 Thursday 16th July


Wednesday 15th July

Y4 Wednesday 15th July


Bonjour! Please see below for this week’s activity from Madame Elliott:

Au cafe KS2 worksheet

Tuesday 14th July

Y4 Tuesday 14th July



Monday 13th July

plan wb 13.07.20

Spellings Monday 13th July


Friday 10th July

Y4 Friday 10th July

Thursday 9th July

Y4 Thursday 9th July


Wednesday 8th July

Y4 Wednesday 8th July


Bonjour! Please see below for this week’s activity from Madame Elliott:

KS2 Y3 Y4 French Music and arts week 2020

Tuesday 7th July

Y4 Tuesday 7th July


Monday 6th July

Y4 Monday 6th July


Friday 3rd July

Y4 Friday 3rd July

Thursday 2nd July

Y4 Thursday 2nd July


Wednesday 1st July

Y4 Wednesday 1st July


Move Up Day 2020

Welcome to Year 4! Please see the video below along with the tasks for you to complete

Year 4 Move Up Day tasks  

Tuesday 30th June

Y4 Tuesday 30th June


Monday 29th June

Y4 Monday 29th June

Spellings Monday 29th June


Friday 26th June

Y4 Friday 26th June

tropical fish and corals (1)

Thursday 25th June

Y4 Thursday 25th June

sea creature poems

Wednesday 24th June

Y4 Wednesday 24th June

Year 4 Summer term 1 mat 4 (1)


Bonjour! Please see below for this week’s activity from Madame Elliott:

Y4 French 24.6.20

Tuesday 23rd June

Y4 Tuesday 23rd June

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling Words Activity Mat Pack 6


Monday 22nd June

Y4 Monday 22nd June

Spellings Monday 22nd June


Treasure Island chp 8

Treasure Island with Mrs Young

Friday 19th June

Y4 Friday 19thJune

Treasure Island chp 7

Treasure Island with Mrs Young

Thursday 18th June

Y4 Thursday 18 June

Treasure Island chpt 6

Treasure Island with Mrs Young

Wednesday 17th June

Y4 Wednesday 17th June

Bonjour! Please see below for this week’s activity from Madame Elliott:

Y4 French 17.6.20

Treasure Island chp 5

Treasure Island Chapter 5 with Mrs Young

Tuesday 16th June

Y4 Tuesday 16th June

Under the Sea Habitats Video PowerPoint

Treasure Island Chapters 3 & 4 with Mrs Young

Monday 15th June

Y4 Monday 15th June

Spellings Monday 15th June

Treasure Island Chapters 3 & 4 Treasure Island Chp 3   Treasure Island Chp 4

Friday 12th June

Y4 Friday 12th June

Thursday 11th June

Y4 Thursday 11th June

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling Words Activity Mat Pack 5

Wednesday 10th June

Bonjour! Please see below for this week’s activity from Madame Elliott:

Y4 French 10.6.20

Tuesday 9th June

Y4 Tuesday 9th June

Slideshow_ Our ocean voyage

Treasure Island chp 2 (1)


Monday 8th June

Y4 Monday 8th June

Spellings Monday 8th June

Treasure Island chp 1

Treasure Island Chapter 1 with Mrs Young

Music activities: Music summer 2 overview

P.E activities:

Stay active. Keep doing the P.E with Joe workout on You Tube LIVE at 9am (Monday to Friday) – a 30 min. P.E session – or catch it later in the day.

Don’t forget the Daily Mile. Move around for at least 15 mins a day either in the garden/ outdoor space or indoors.

You could also …

  • · Target practise. Select a variety of balls/soft objects and a number of different sized containers. Vary the distance you are stood away from the containers. How many balls can you get in 1st time round? Practise again and again. Time yourself – how many can you get in 1 min/2 mins etc.
  • · Jumping. Choose a starting point/line. Jump forwards- both feet together. Remember to swing your arms and bend at the knees. How far can you jump? Now try a vertical jump. Swing those arms and use the power in your legs. Repeat again and again. What is your best distance or height?
  • · Sports Alphabet. How many sports can you think of that start with each letter of the alphabet? e.g. F- football, Q- quidditch, Z- Zumba. Hopefully you managed to find at least one sport for each letter.
  • · On You Tube discover the world of Cosmic Kids Yoga. A series of interactive adventures for children promoting mindfulness and relaxation.
  • · Create your own Sports Quiz with questions and answers. Try asking someone at home the questions. How did they do? Did you find out a fact or something else you didn’t already know.
  • · Design a new school P.E kit
  • · Set yourself a challenge. Choose something in P.E that you don’t find easy to do and challenge yourself to improve at it over a set period of time. You will feel brilliant when you can do it and will be so proud of yourself.




Our Cornerstones Topics is:- Traders and Raiders

Class book:- I was there


Class Teacher: Mrs Young                           Teaching Assistant: Mrs Russell


School Council Representatives:Holly and Alfie

P.E : Please bring PE kit into school every Monday ready for use during the week