We encourage all our pupils to participate in our varied selection of lunchtime and after school clubs. Please see the table below for the activities available during the Summer term.


Day Activity Time Year Member of Staff Where to meet
Monday Performing Arts Club (chargeable) 3.15-4.15 KS2 Miss Porter (JMP Music) Large Hall
Monday Times Tables Club 12.00 -12.30 YR4 Miss Philipson YR4 Classroom
Monday Cricket Club 12.00 -12.30 YR3 & 4 Mrs Davis Field
Tuesday Homework Club 12.00- 12.30 YR4 Miss Philipson YR4 Classroom
Tuesday French Club 12.30-1.00 YR5 &6 (up to 23.5.17)

YR1 &2 (from 06.06.17)

Madam Elliott YR2 Classroom
Tuesday Choir 3.15 – 4.30 KS2 Mrs McEwan, Miss Philipson, Mrs Everitt Large Hall
Wednesday Homework Club 12.00-12.30 YR4 Miss Philipson YR4 Classroom
Wednesday Cricket Club 12.00 -12.30 YR5 & 6 Mrs Davis Field
Wednesday Ukulele Club (chargeable) 3.15 – 4.30 KS2 Mr Porter Music Room
Thursday Homework Club 12.00-12.30 All Miss Hall and Miss Philipson YR4 Classroom
Thursday Recorder Club 3.15 – 4.00 KS2 Mrs Nash Music Room
Thursday Phonics Club 3.15-4.00 KS1 Mrs Bramley YR1 Classroom
Flexible OMA Band Lunchtime Y6 Mrs McEwan Music Room